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Wood pellet is a high calorific fuel that is mainly used as a fuel for heating in households, flats, public facilities and industrial buildings. In Western Europe the use of pellet is widespread while in Montenegro usage is in the beginning. Pellets are listed as renewable energy sources because they are produced from wood biomass renewed over time. Biotel produces the best quality pellet according to the  European standards which is made up of pure beech tree spreading across the mountain ranges in the area of Andrijevica.

We recognized the production of best quality wood pellets according to the European standards, as promising activity in the energy sector, with a very significant global impact on energy production from biomass and renewable energy sources, that is becoming a worldwide trend which has no alternative.

The calorific value of beech wood pellets is that 2kg of pellets replace 1 kg of fuel oil – crude oil, 2kg of pellets replace 1m3 of gas, etc.

Pellets are produced and sold throughout the year packed in 15 kg bags or in large industrial packaging, in 1000 kg jumbo bags.

After combustion of wood pellets remains only 1% of the ash as an additional advantage over other solid fuels.

Wooden pellets can also use an existing solid fuel stove with additional adjustment.

Ecological bio-fuel

Wood pellets are efficient carbon-neutral fuel  (one gram of released CO2 engages one gram in the photosynthesis and this maintains the balance of carbon in the environment). The combustion is so pure that it is almost impossible to notice any wood smoke coming from the chimneys, with the ash content of less then 1%.


Wood pellet combustion produces almost no creosote, the main cause for furnace and fireplace fires.


The process of manufacturing wood pellet includes tons and tons of sawdust, wood chips and wood waste, or secondary products of other industries- which would otherwise end up as waste. And this is not all-  we also process our own wood waste by returning it into production.

Convenient usage

Unlike wood logs, wood pellets are packed in 15kg bags and are clean and practical to store as they do not make your premises dirty, do not attract insects and take up just a quarter of the space required for storing wood logs. Due to very low ash content, the time between two cleanings of the stove is longer and this requiring and expensive process is reduced to its minimum.


Compared with other less refined wood fuels such as wood logs, wood chips and briquettes, pellets have many advantages of which particulary stand out:

  • Listed as carbon neutral fuel, thereby protect the environment
  • Guaranteed security of supply, since it is produced from the renewable sources
  • Pellets are not influenced by global energy speculation and therefore not by crisis. Proof of this is stable price.
  • Low operating costs and high energy value makes this product one of the most cost-effective
  • The pellets are clear and easy to use
  • Smaller space (volume) required for transport and storage (due to size and higher specific density)
  • Fewer deliveries to consumers during the heating season (one or two)
  • Consistent (constant) size and moisture content,
  • The possibility of multiple use – can be used in ambient furnaces or boilers,
  • The pellets are unloaded in the warehouse without damage and losses,
  • Fully automated and easy supply from the warehouse to the boiler,
  • The ease of handling and
  • Ease of firing.